Monday, May 21, 2012

The Artist's Pheonix Cycle

*Clears some cobwebs forming on the blog* Yep it's been a few weeks, but I promise I haven't been goofin' off. Over the passed month I've closed two of the largest freelance projects I've ever undertaken. Their deadlines were close to one another, within the same week, so I had quite a bit of fun hanging in there. I had been going through what I like to call "Pheonix Cycles" which I'm sure many artists go through during crunch time. These PCs can be explained below with the illustration and steps:

1)Aw man it's midday, you're making great progress and you're pretty sure a rainbow just shot out of your computer screen. You can take on anything. YOU ARE SO FOCUSED!
2)Okay so it's near 5 am, and you've lost a lot of that fire and glow. You're a lot more aware of your spine sagging and you may wonder what's up with kids these days. Also is it just you or is your computer somehow becoming drunk as programs continually freeze?
3) You burn out and are reduced to ashes. What's left of your body makes it to your lair, er, bed. If a doctor were to come in your room he or she would declare you as dead.
4) You are revived by some miracle! Experts call this sleep but you know it's magic. After that ordeal you remember the importance of this so-called "sleep" and will make sure that you never make the mistake of pulling a late or all nighter.
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  1. I completely understand this horrible cycle. Nana, it's always a joy to see your uploads in my newsfeed, they always make me laugh :)! Keep at it girl.