Friday, September 7, 2012

Li-Nezha: The Girliest BAMF Ever

Nehza's a cute dragon fighter from Chinese Mythology. I first heard about this guy in Journey to the West and researched him later. I then came upon this film. Good luck finding an english sub. This a scene of him killing a dragon with his magical weapons and, um Chinese kid... poncho...?

*spoiler* Long story short Nezha gets in trouble because that was a more powerful dragon's brother. The brother threatens to destroy everything in a big storm unless Nezha gives himself up. Nezha, after a long struggle, decides to off himself to save everyone (he's not even ten yet). In the end he comes back way more powerful with 3 heads and 6 arms (WHAAAAAT?!) and he kicks way more butt. Oh yeah and he can fly on fire wheels.

Yeaaaah no. Not Hiten. Shame on you.
Crud, I just made an Inuyasha reference. 

This kid's whole story is about being a boss almost the entire film despite his adorable feminine looks, and I don't just mean in this film go look him up and see the different versions for yourself; he might be why effeminate awesome warriors exist in media today. Guys like Tuxedo Mask, Legolas, every FF8 male character- goodness I'm sleepy and need to stop. Anywho I stayed up all night just drawing this character in his penultimate form:

I need to stop these late night drawings. I never know where I'm going to go with an idea when 4 am sneaks up on me.

Once again I'm reminded that I should get back to reading Journey to the West.

ohmyglob it's nearly 7am. I have a date with my bed.

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