Wednesday, September 5, 2012

National Convention Battle!

Ideas like this make me wish I knew extensive actionscript so I'd really make this game. Fight in three grand stages: The Mega Convention Center, The Cave of National Treasures and... the commonwealth of... Puerto  Rico? Yeah let's go with that!

The Castro Bros. from the DNC v. RNC's Clint Eastwood and that effim chair...
 Don't laugh that chair has beaten thousands
 Get enough sweet combos and make a Mecha Castro! Not to be confused with MechaShiva
If Clint gets too tired he'll sit down on that chair. Don't let him! The chair will possess him and use his body to produce the Obama that he only sees, an evil djinn spirit (Who keeps telling Clint that he's not Obama but why would Clint listen? He's too busy making movies now get off his lawn already!)

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