Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Game Stick

January is definitely the month of spending for me. Whether it's bills, taxes, or loans I've been having farewell moments with my money like in the picture above. But enough about flying dollars let's look into something I'm happy to throw my money at.

The Game Stick
I am so excited about the development of what is to be the world's smallest game console. Where is it? It's that USB that fits into the controller. The funding for Play Jam's innovative project started on Jan 2nd and in less than a week their's goal of $100,00 was already reached. The internet's voice was heard, We want this now. It's near the end of the month and they're near $500,00, and they've been adding more features with the extra money. I put in my order/pledge of $79 a couple weeks back and can't wait for April when they ship these babies off. Interested? Well there is still time. The project funding will close Feb 1st so there's four days left. 

I'll be doing a review of this bad boy when it arrives.

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