Friday, January 4, 2013

To New Beginnings and Great Memories

Because I love you dis much 

Great so we made it passed 2012 and instead of doing the wonderful tradition of making a new year resolution and doing the opposite I decided to take the advice of a friend.

Step 1. Get an empty jar
Step 2. Have many slips of paper and a pen or pencil on standby all year
maybe in an organized fashion
 Step 3. When something wonderful, happy, memorable or worthwhile happens to you this year, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the jar
Step 4. Open the jar at the end of the year and read your slips. Remember how great you are and how to cherish the big and small things.
Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment get ready to congratulate yourself on everything you did get to accomplish. Maybe it was a planned goal...
Or maybe it was just a reminder to a hobby
 We'll see on December 31st won't we?

Try it out and see if you can get a friend in on it too.
Have fun!

Pssst I'll help you out on your first one. Write down, "I just saw a booty shaking cupcake today"


  1. Nice! Love the advice, i think i'll do JUST THAT! :)

    1. Ah yeah! I'm happy to hear that.