Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventurers#4: Andy Hernandez

Wait a second... Andy? But that's a BOY's name isn't it? Well you're right. Soon after requesting for volunteers I got an interesting... erm, request from a friend.

But with a twist. Andy made it clear that his facial hair could not be removed. Well Andy here ya go.

No, no I actually put effort into this challenge.

I kept mulling over how to incorporate a beard into Andy's alter ego. For a while all I could think of was a circus attraction. "Come one, come all and look at the bearded lady!" But that's really obvious and lazy. Thankfully, Andy unknowingly picked a type of class and alliance that wouldn't need a circus angle. One night I did a little research on the Aztec pantheon and found this guy. 
     Mictlantecuhtli, god of death
He's basically the Aztec equivalent to Hades, except probably 10 times more metal. Just click the link in his caption to read more about him. In addition to his amazing madness, this god has a wife named Mictecacihuatl. She too had some neat responsibilities, including swallowing stars during the daytime. YEP.

With certain elements in mind it became a treat to make this character with odd traits and abilities. HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY ANDY.

Name: ?
Class: Cleric
Alliance: Lawful Evil
Once known as Andrea, this woman serves a god and goddess of death. Some lucky enough to meet with her and live will tell you about her goatee, often mistook as part of her makeup. "She told me that it's a blessing- a part of being the perfect acolyte for the two deaths as the earthly incarnate of wife and husband." Her known powers include communing with the dead, spiders and her familiar, a very large owl. This woman looks sickly and thin, but can summon the strength to wield a spiked club like weapon when the need arises. Some think think that this strength comes from when she calls upon her gods. In addition, around her neck she wears the eyes of beasts and men, from which she can see the unknown. Often seen as eerily calm, she will do what she needs to appease her gods which includes providing sacrifices and protecting sacred grounds. One adventurer claims that she will even eat her enemies as tribute.  

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