Sunday, July 28, 2013

Adventurers #5: Emily Kempthorne

"What was that?"-famous last words

Name: I dunno why are you asking? Just run!
Class: Rogue
Alliance: Chaotic Evil
People talk about the bog and its many dangers but what always seems to come up in conversation is a mysterious figure that stalks in its shadows. Villagers talk of people who have traveled the bog after dusk, never to return. A highwayman? A sorceress perhaps? No one is entirely sure if this figure is even real but neighboring villagers talk about her as a warning to their children and travelers. Scholars claim that she is merely a metaphor for the dangers of the bog like the sinking earth, fierce animals and foggy hallucinations. However, a crone of the closest village swears she has seen her and lived, unlike her relatives. She will tell you, 
I was so small when it happened. She's fast and likes to play with her prey. She'll lead you deeper into the darkness until she is bored with you. That's how she got my uncle. I honestly believe that she pretended to not see me just so I could get away and spread the word. If you're foolish you'll travel the mire's path at night. If you're without focus you'll stray from the moon's light. And if you're unlucky you'll catch the Mire Mistress' sight. 

Woo! Finally got this one out. I spent so much time with this one because, well, when I thought rogue I thought of a shadow dancing rogue. For a time I spent a lot of hours with a game called Neverwinter Nights and shadow dancing rogue might've been my favorite specialty class. This is a type of fighter that can stab your belly, literally disappear before your untrained eyes then stab you in the back. So with that in mind and my volunteer Emily getting an evil status I thought hard and came up with a lot of poses and situations for her to be menacing- should she be stalking a camp, be in mid jump attack, or already be killing a soldier? Should she be in the dark, just coming out into the light? Should she sit waiting while a party just triggers one of her deadly traps? I went through a lot of ideas and sketches before finally settling down and getting this one drawn out and colored. Now that that's over with my next drawing will be of someone fighting for good.

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