Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adventurers #6: Tracy MacLauchlan

"I will send this creature beyond the depths from which it lurked."

Name: Tracy
Class: Archer
Alliance: Lawful Good
About: Honorable and talented, this warrior has gained quite a reputation throughout the land especially among the forces of evil. She was last seen charging into the lair of the of the manipulative siren and sea monster, Nelea, scourge of many fishing villages. It was assumed that Tracy had perished in battle until, days later, a fisherman had noticed something strange floating toward the bay. It was Nelea, or rather pieces of the monster. Tracy was not found in Nelea's lair. It is likely she is off, hunting those who prey on the weak.

Got to have fun with some looser painting on this one. Meet Tracy, co-creator of Taffetas. Haven't heard of the greatness that is Taffetas? Click here for their blog or here for their facebook and show them some love! 

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