Saturday, September 21, 2013

Drawing Blues

So recently I started to develop what I'm sure is carpal tunnel. It's a pretty normal threat for artist, and is three times more likely if you're female (hooray for me!). In case you don't know carpal tunnel is when a specific nerve in your wrist is pinched, making your wrist and even your hand and arm sore, tingly or numb. I used to take breaks from work and stretch my wrists and hands to counteract this, but kind of got lazy... and stopped... for a couple years. Now I type with one hand. LEARN FROM MY DUMB MISTAKE.

For the time being I'm giving my drawing hand a break. I took this opportunity to see if I could become ambidextrous and draw with my other hand. I used to draw with a mouse before discovering how great tablets are and who knows? Maybe I can train my other hand to use a tablet. I got um... mixed results.

First doodle using my other hand and a computer mouse. Blegh, but not terrible.

 Now inking and better coloring with a mouse. Looking better. You know what? I can totally use a tablet!
 Oh, oh no. Just no. This looks like someone rubbed their nose with it and threw it into a puddle.

I better just keep icing my drawing hand and hope it recovers. This is just another reminder of why you shouldn't take your body for granted. Seriously, take your breaks and your stretches; you are not invincible no matter how much you want that project done. I think I'll recover, but certainly use this experience as a reminder.

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