Saturday, October 5, 2013

Boston: Day1

So for years I've always wanted a moment like this,
But I'm so careful that I'm usually like,

But recently I got a job offer from a studio up north. I won't give out a name just yet, but they insisted I come up there for job training, quicker than I expected. So in only a few days I started to prepare for a trip to Massachusetts... from Georgia... alone. I'm not familiar with the state at all, but life is about new experiences and I am excited to meet with this studio. After a stressful few days of recovering from carpal tunnel and organizing my trip I finally got everything together, and today I braved an environment I'm not too familiar with:


Let me tell you something. I'm not a plane person. I'm acrophobic, and a little bit of a control freak. So being up in the sky with my life in the hands of a qualified stranger is something that's hard for me to come to terms with. No joke, I had to assume that I was going to die today. I know we are never guaranteed life at any given moment but we like to think that we'll be okay. But for a plane ride, I have to think to myself, "This could be it so make those goodbyes meaningful." You may think that's silly, but maybe seeing that plane crash in Final Destination was a bad idea as a 10 year old. Anyhoo, I had to just let go and go with the flow. Thankfully, though I got to sit next to a kind and friendly graphic designer. Meet Dave Godin of Renze.

He flies regularly, installing large displays in offices, hospitals and more. We got to talk for a while and he was pretty nice to this jittery animator from take off to landing.

He would even explain odd noises and vibrations as they occurred.

One layover and second flight later I was in Boston where I met my host, Faris Aloqbi.

He's a nice college student from Saudi Arabia. He even helped me with my luggage to his place. We had an interesting time on the short shuttle ride. Behind Faris was a young woman with tourrettes syndrome and an interesting vocabulary...

Maybe you're thinking that wasn't made towards me. But only a few seconds later did this girl scream, "OLD PEOPLE!". Hmm, who is sitting across from me but a couple of  white elderly women. Gee I wonder who this N-word within her field of vision could have been? Certainly not the black girl sitting in front of her racist ass, right? Yeeeeeeah. "But Nana she has tourrettes." That's not a real excuse in my book. She wasn't being aggressive, but it sounded like she was uncontrollably saying what she saw. So no, not aggressive, but descriptive, and in her book that's her description for me. Sigh, but there's no point in getting violent or confrontational, and Faris and I left right after her outburst.

Aside from that unpleasant experience the afternoon was lovely. Faris showed me to my room, and then we went out to eat at a columbian restaurant where we got to know more about one another. Anyhoo,

*author's edit* since the bus incident I have learned that those who suffer from this syndrome can actually end up saying the last thing that they'd want to say. Perhaps she really didn't define me as that incorrigible term. It made me feel bad for that short while, but perhaps she felt much worse for saying something she truly did not believe.  


  1. Yay!!!!! We're still far as hell from each other but I'm excited about what life has in store for you. I plan to visit and kiss the footsteps of Harvard Law, lol

  2. Good Stuff, Lady. "I'm excited about what life has in store for you," as well! - Kwame Kwarteng