Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boston: Day2

So I decided to get in touch with Boston's public transit.

It was going well until I got caught in the rain that didn't want to leave the city all friggin day.

After a while I got used to it but figured commuting will take three hours round trip. Ugh. At least I now know where to go. On my way back I noticed some interesting people waiting for the train or trying to make a buck on patient commuters like me. 

He did play a sweet accordion. I felt like I was in a french short film with his background score.

His clothes said, "I'm on a budget" but the H&M bag said differently

Tan skin, neat haircut, black clothes and black vest. He looked like he stepped out of Michael Jackson's "Bad" video.

Probably more tired than impatient...

Oh yay it's the giggling gang of the hijab gals!

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