Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boston: Last Thoughts

On the 12 Days of Boston the Transit Gave to Me...

12 drawing subjects

11 bars for holding

10 subway stops

9 sardined cars

8 times losing balance

7 performers and vendors

6 sick passengers


4 delays

3 hours commute

2 funny drunks

and a ride to a really cool job!

Well Friday was my last day as an on-site artist for S2N. Unfortunately, I had caught a nasty bug so I was out of work for most of the day. It was a little anti-climatic. My plans for last minute bear hugs were cut short since I didn't want to spread much of the sickness, but I got in my goodbyes to my co-workers. I'm now back home and even though working as an off-site artist is really helping me out I miss those cool folks at S2N and our lunch breaks together. Though I took a chance and stayed in an exciting city I've never been my highlights were definitely always at work. I'm honored to be a part of such a talented team and production.

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