Saturday, October 12, 2013

Boston: Witches Woods

So Thursday was interesting. At the end of the work day my studio had a pizza party for us newbies. Pizza, soda, cider and alcohol! Woo! I played it safe with some ginger ale though...
Afterwards a friend who lives in the area, Stephanie, picked me up and we went on to a trip to a spooky festival in the Witches Woods. I thought we were just going on their haunted hayride, but there was a lot more than I expected and Stephanie had the tickets for everything.

The hayride was neat. We, and many other people, sat on a large tractor bed that went into some effed up woods with a very friendly population. Ah man they wanted to share everything with us- their history, their culture, their taste in human flesh. It was great. Stephanie and I sat in what I like to think of as the best seats. Most baddies ran right passed us to scare the other patrons of the tour. One girl beside Stephanie got the brunt of most attacks.

Afterward we went to a 3D haunted house. It was pretty creative. The walls were painted in these neon colors that disoriented you as you stumbled upon the pathway. I got way ahead of Stephanie. She walks much slower and the 3D messed up her depth perception the entire time.

The next place was some sort of spooky castle. Stephanie and I were at the front of the group. I didn't feel like being a target so I decided to test the idea of being really confident to ward off attention from the monsters. "Let's just be stalwart!" I said as I stuck out my chest, held my head high and grabbed Stepahnie. Our group thought we were pretty goofy. I would stare down baddies and they wouldn't try anything *it works!*. I had to pull my friend along as she noticed I walk at a much faster pace.

The last place was an asylum. We were the last at our group and felt pretty confident with the our party...

Yeah...totally wasn't confident in this place. Stephanie, again, was slower and disappeared from the group (WHY STEPHANIE, WHY?!). But I soon became an easy target as I walked along the halls hunched over and softly squealing. One crazy lady picked up on that and followed me close from behind... THE ENTIRE FRIGGIN WAY.

Fear is like cheerios to these people

Stephanie and I had a good time, watching fire twirlers, checking out great pumpkin carvings, dancing around and eating carnie food. I slept at her place and the next day she generously offered me breakfast- chinese pancakes and pot stickers. It was the best breakfast I had since coming here. Finally she dropped me off work where many people, myself included, seem to be catching a cold. I don't care though, it was totally worth it.

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