Monday, November 18, 2013

Alien Sketch from an Unlikely Place

I don't tell people this but sometimes my most random creative ideas come from the most boring everyday things. I guess I feel a little weird to say it. I imagine great artists take their ideas directly from real life experiences and real environments. I guess I do, too, but my inspiration is not as, um, exciting I guess. Sometimes my weirdest ideas come from patterns I see in things as simple as marble, carpet, fur, etc.

Tonight as I brushed my teeth I just stared at the bathroom's old wooden door. The door I've seen day in and day out for most of my life. But today I saw something weird, and as I brushed my teeth I did my best to commit it to memory before sketching it out. I usually don't and let such images fade from my consciousness. But tonight I wanted to actually try to get it all out.

I came back to my bathroom fifteen minutes later just to see if I could find the image again. I knew the general area of where I saw but really could not see it again. But thankfully I had started sketching away.
Sci-Fi stuff isn't much a strength, and I don't think up stuff like this on the spot. What is it about textures that are unlocking parts of my creative subconscious? Perhaps I should do this more often. *Glances at picture of door* Oh my gosh I can see the face again!

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