Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Working For Free


You've probably seen this funny little comic before. This link leads to the original artist in case you're interested in her talent:

That last one is especially annoying. Now for any devil's advocates or dissenters out there I'll say it: no we're not doctors, and frankly I don't think we're as immediately important as doctors. Also you missed the point of Avian's illustration. Though I believe artists have their crucial purpose within society I don't think people will flock to them if the ninja zombie alien apocalypse happens. This goes the same for many careers out there. But let's talk about the fallacy of "free for work" logic when applied to a job on par with an artist. Actually no, let's go for something lesser...

As I mentioned, there are many forms of these requests and situations they can involve. If you're wondering about the possibilities feel free to consult this great flow chart by Jessica Hische.
Good luck!

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