Monday, April 7, 2014


So I started a youtube channel dedicated it is I do when I have dumb ideas. Then I thought what better way to christen it than with a video about spring and my hike up in the mountains.

But it is that time of year in which I think all the snow has been shaken off. Well...almost all.
Catch up New England
Now that a lot of winter is gone it's time for happy sunny days...with a mixture of constant rain and pollengedon. 
Oh well, April showers and lots of tree sex bring May flowers, right? Right?  (ʘ෴̴͜ʘ)
Despite the shifting weather I'd much prefer this than ice, sleet and snow, thanks. This spring I feel compelled to try new things including Tumbr. What's that? Old-Timer Nana finally got around to Tumblrin? What's next, Twitter?!

...oh yeah I did that already and kind of...stopped.

But I promise to be more active on tumblr. I'm keeping this blog around for the goofy stuff. Shut Up and Giggle is its name after all. My tumblr will be reserved for more serious works though. Maybe the continuation of a certain illustration series that someone is getting around to, eeeeh? Anyhoo, once I actually start posting on da Tumblrs I will get a link out. Until then you're stuck with this stuff.

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